Bitpark Team Update: Jan. 10, 2018

Posted on January 10, 2018

The year 2017 had been an eventful year, where we received the opportunity to throw a pitch at Plug and Play Japan, an event that was highly perceived within the insurtech industry.

At the event, not only were we able to directly speak with a number of insurance companies, we also received the chance to speak with quite a number of major corporations, both domestic and undomestic, and we received a lot of interest and valuable advice in regards to our project. Through participating in such campaigns and events in the past year, our project has definitely taken a large step forward.

We are also looking forward to contributing to both the development of Dapps by Ethereum and the Insurtech field, and in the year 2018, we will focus more towards improving our business structure, updating our service, and enlisting on the new platform exchanges.

Bitpark was selected to Star Burst Startup Programs

Posted on November 20, 2017

Bitpark was selected to one of the top 12 startups for Star Burst Startup Program from 100+ applicants. Star Burst is one of the biggest Japanese startup incubator and has already incubated more than 80 startups. These startups have raised total YEN 3.3 billion (USD 29 million). For example, Infostellar which is one of the portfolio of 500 Startups was also listed to this program.

Start Burst has strong connection with Mistletoe who is investor and strategic partner of Funderbeam, the world’s first startup powered by blockchain.

Through this program, Bitpark is expecting many new opportunities and potential partnerships which will help further enhance the quality of their product.

Information in Japanese
Announcement of new 12 startups :
List of Star Burst startups :
About Star Burst Program :

Bitpark made a pitch at Plug and Play's first Japan session

Posted on October 22, 2017

We made a pitch for Plug and Play Japan corporate partners last week. Plug and Play is the world's largest startup accelerator and it was first pitch session organized by them in Japan.

There was more than 150 applications and about 30 startups was invited to this session. We are going to take advantage of relationship with these corporates including major insurance companies to advance our product and service. Thank you Plug and Play for this great opportunity.

Plug and Play :

Regarding the P2P Insurance Alpha version (Testnet) release

Posted on August 10, 2017

In regards to BITPARK's P2P Insurance, we are currently in the process of running the final internal review for the Alpha test version(Testnet) .

Once the final check for both the internal review and terms of use is completed, we will release the Alpha test version(Testnet) to the public.

Please find below a screenshot of the display currently being developed.

Regarding the P2P Insurance Alpha Version

Posted on June 28, 2017

Although we originally slated the release of the alpha version of our P2P insurance service for June, various elements including adjustments to Ethereum's Geth specifications are taking more time than expected. As such, we believe we will be able to do a release by July at the very least.

Summary of Contents for Next Release

This service will show how insurance will function with Ethereum's DApp, and is a service imagined as a no-premium, short term loss insurance similar to traveller's insurance. The service will be running on Ethereum's 'Testnet.' Once a user registers on the service, one will be able to use both the Wallet function as well as insurance functions.

List of Functions/Tools

・Wallet (Custom tokens usable)
・Insurance Entry
・Money Request Application
・Money Request Screenings

There are two coins currently offered–the first of which is for use in entering into the insurance itself, and the second for use in the screening process for billing. When a user registers onto the service, test coins will be automatically deposited to the user's Wallet.

Future Developments

After releasing this version, we will perform further updates to the alpha version, and proceed with releasing the beta version further down the line.

Although the capabilities of DApps are still limited, we believe that its potential as a platform will continue to expand. We would like to adjust our service to these capabilities, and commit ourselves to the challenge of developing an insurance platform implementing smart contract technology.

Tasks for the Future

In the future, we will be putting particular effort into

・Development of a Coin Exchange function
・Improvements to smart contract-related parts
・User Evaluation
・Improvements to countermeasures to prevent against falsehood or misinformation
at time of entering insurance or requesting money.
・Management of insurance money
・Use of service as a platform

as well as various other endeavors.

The ICO Page Is Now Closed

Posted on March 21, 2017

Although we originally planned to close our ICO page at the end of February, we extended our deadline in order to finish distributing all BITPARK Coins to their respective owners.

Fortunately, we were able to distribute nearly all coins to those who were meant to receive them. As a result, our ICO page is now closed. We have sent an email beforehand to those who have yet to receive their coins with written instructions as to how to claim them.

Please note that BITPARK Coins(BPC) have been added to the marketplace, and thus are available for use in trading there.

Plans for Future Development

Posted on March 8, 2017

We are in the midst of developing a P2P insurance service integrating smart contract technology. Our plan is to release the alpha version of this service to the public by June at the latest. In releasing this alpha version, our goal is to have all of our users get an idea of what a user-directed insurance platform utilizing smart contract technology really is.

From there, we will make improvements and perform an upgrade on both the MUJIN and P2P Insurance functions.

Notice Regarding the BITPARK Coin

Posted on January 13, 2017

Our currency is now available for trade on Livecoin. However, we would also like to inform our users that the trade symbol for our currency, the BITPARK Coin, has been changed from ‘BIP' into ‘BPC.’

Our team recently was contacted by the developer of a currency known as BipCoin, who informed us that their currency had already been registered under the ‘BIP' trade symbol. As a result, we immediately sent a request to amend our currency's trade symbol from ‘BIP’ into ‘BPC' on Livecoin, Cryptonator, and CoinMarketCap.

When we initially performed research on the trade symbol ‘BIP,' we noticed no conflicts with any other currencies. However, seeing as BipCoin was released directly after we confirmed that fact, we were not cognizant of any overlap until it was recently brought to our attention.

The trade symbol for BITPARK Coin has now been properly adjusted to ‘BPC' on Livecoin.

We are currently creating manual for BITPARK Coin owners with instructions on how to adjust the trade symbol within the Wallet.

For those who have already registered BIP into their wallet, please follow this manual for instructions on how to change the trade symbol to BPC.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

Regarding the Alpha Version Release

Posted on December 21, 2016

Invited users within Japan are currently experiencing the alpha version of our service; Our objective for this release was to receive feedback from invited users within Japan during a limited-time release period. This release also gave us the chance to explain to others the kind of service we hope to provide to users. In doing so, we were able to garner feedback regarding the platform we strive to become.

Through engaging in the alpha version release, we have receive praised for our service — users tell us that the insurance platform we aim to create promises to provide many benefits for customers. We also received feedback regarding the service provision stage that will allow us to make improvements to the service moving forward.

By commencing with this alpha version release, we have attained better clarity as to what kind of insurance platform we should provide to our users. As we proceed forward with development of an upgraded version, we will take all of these suggestions and ideas into special consideration.

Although we are running behind schedule, we are also in the midst of negotiating with several coin exchange platforms to host our original currency. We will make an announcement as soon as negotiations have been completed.

Schedule change of BITPARK Token distribution

Posted on November 9, 2016

BITPARK Token distribution date has changed from November 1 to November 9.

There is still some effect to Ethereum network starting last month. Therefore we have been observing the situation by test sending/receiving Tokens among synchronized multiple platforms.

Current test result of each platform

- Ethereum Mist / Wallet 0.8.7 ( mac / win )
Unusable for taking too long to synchronize

- Parity 1.3.10 ( mac / win )
Possible for sending/receiving of the Tokens for finishing the synchronization in a day.
Need special attention for installation to Mac.
As 2016-11-07 during the installation command, "brew install parity" installs 1.4.0. That stops the synchronization. But "brew install parity --beta" finished the installation of 1.3.10.

- MyEtherWallet
Many cases we were able to send/receive even though waiting at BIP "loading" at some timing.

Starting test sending BITPARK Token

Starting today we are test sending BITPARK Token (BIP) to your registered BITPARK Token (BIP).

Please confirm with your Wallet.

Once you made sure of receiving 0.0001 BIP, open the browser about2ndico page.
Press the button of "Request The BITPARK Tokens"

We’ll send scheduled BIP in a few days.
If you cannot confirm the BIP receipt, please let us know at the E mail address below.

We’re taking the procedure because there were many who could not confirm the receipt of BIP at the first ICO by registering or If you cannot confirm the BIP receipt, please contact at and let us know the situation.

MUJIN Alpha version

Posted on October 15, 2016

Soon, we will publish MUJIN Alpha version. (invite only)
This purpose is to collect users opinions through real use.

Point of Alpha version

-This WEB system is able to use on PC and smartphone.
- Users can use only bit coin.
- User can own their wallet.
- Group function
  - Group creation and manage
  -Wallet of group
  - Group invitation
  - Money collecting management
  - Deposits and withdrawals
  - Message exchange between users
  - Various notification function
  - Rating function based on users usage

After using feedback as a reference for the UI improvement and function correction, we will do step-by-step development of insurance function, BITPARK Tokens and associated function about wallet, leasing function.

Announcement of 2nd ICO schedule has been changed

Posted on August 30, 2016

In our schedule, 2nd ICO will start on September 15, 2016 and will continue upto October 15, 2016.
There is no changed on schedule of last date of 2nd ICO.

We have been preparing to launch for successful Twitter campaign of 2nd ICO.
For people who are unfamiliar with using wallets and receiving tokens, It has been taking lots of time to distribute our 1st ICO Tokens.

1st ICO finished

Posted on August 16, 2016

Thank you very much.

BITPARK token's distribution term and distribution way

- After 1st ICO finished, to keep everyone's certainly receive, we will maintain this ICO system for 3 month.
- From 8/16 to 8/19, we will close the reception, check the collected results, and do backup.
- From August 22, we will start the distribute of BITPARK token, and we will send notice mail to the distributed user.

About Ethereum Wallet

We uploaded the details of road map

Posted on August 9, 2016


We uploaded the details of road map.(PDF)

Updated: ICO STRUCTURE & ICO 2st plan

Posted on August 5, 2016


We reserved 45 million tokens for service users instant buying.
But, the ratio of this time ICO's distributing tokens was not nice.
So, we will change the number of token which will be distribute at 2nd ICO.

The total token supply is 100 milllion.
1st Phase: 5 million token will be distributed to ICO participants.
2st Phase: 70 million token will be distributed to ICO participants.
20 million tokens will be reserved as financial incentive for founding members, strategic partners and dev team.
5 million tokens will be reserved for service users instant buying.

Instant buying?
Instant buying is an function to shortcut time and effort, more than buying at outside exchange.
It will be expensive than market price, but we will prepare to make buying much more easier.
Token for buying instant will be procure from token market, if we decreases to overall 5% and token won't be enough.

ICO 2st

2nd ICO's BITPARK token price: 15%+ to ICO 1st rate
- We will offering the amount, which is 15%+ to fixed rate after ICO 1st.

ICO Bonuses for early participation
1st week bonus: 10% bonus
2nd week bonus: 5% bonus
Last DAY bonus: 5% bonus

- We have Bounty campaign. Planing signature bounty.
- After ICO 2st finished, BITPARK token will be tradable.

About development

Posted on August 2, 2016

Progress to date

We have been developing a bitcoin-based wallet which can be managed by groups. This will also form a base for the Mujin community, and is currently still in Beta testing. We have been implementing basic features such as user management and security features, basic wallet features, group management function, etc.

We will make a development plan as funding takes place, develop group wallet and Mujin community, and will release them as BITPARK beta.

About use of Smart Contract

We think it is viable to use Etheream Smart Contract for some insurances.
(In light of the DAO incident, we are evaluating and adjusting design.)

About BITPARK coin

Using token published on Etheream blockchain, a custom coin for insurance and Mujin community will be used. We plan to publish cryptocurrency for both use in insurance and enlivenment of Mujin community, and create a plan for mutual asset management.

We Updated ICO 1st plan

Posted on August 1, 2016

ICO Bonuses for early participation

- The first 400 users: 50% bonus
- next 401 to 1200 users: 20% bonus