P2P Insurance Platform in Cryptocurrency

New P2P Insurance Platform

We will aim for a new insurance service with P2P Insurance and Cryptocurrency.

P2P Insurance

We will aim for a new insurance service with P2P Insurance and Cryptocurrency. A platform with transparency that never over-charges will be provided.

Mujin Community

Like the old Japanese mutual aid society, MUJIN, we will offer a place where Cryptocurrency and community interact.

Crypto-Currencies will open new horizons in the world of insurance.

In the act of making a collective fund amongst individuals and using that money together, we can see the spirit of mutual assistance.

Since ancient times and all across the world, we see human beings helping one another by splitting the burden of one amongst many. We see this in the form of insurance, mutual aid organizations, in the way comrades pool their money together to collectively purchase something, and so on. Whether it be family, friends, people sharing mutual interests, or mutual concerns — we see groups of various size and purpose come together and help one another.

Using traditional methods, coordinating groups of people and money meant encountering many obstacles. It is true that communication has evolved; SNS and other methods have made it possible for people from around the world to connect with one another. However, fiat currencies differ by country and, in reality, a bank account cannot easily be managed collectively.

Utilizing the potential of Crypto-Currencies as well as the technology supporting it, our goal is to provide customers with a comprehensive platform where they can collectively gather and manage finances.

We have decided to call BITPARK a ‘P2P insurance platform,’ as one could venture to say that insurance itself is a form of ‘mutual help.’

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The Wallet handles Bitcoins, however for MUJIN and insurance, BITPARK (BIP) Tokens will be used.

Types of insurance

We have specially adapted to small payoff and short-term insurance, providing a platform suited for casual use. We aim to have insurance companies become part of the process as well.

Collective management

All participants can view the balance and transaction history at any time. For security, funds can only be sent to fellow participants, and multiple participants need to sign in order for payment to be sent.


Whether it be in groups, with MUJIN, or with insurance, there is always a community for each. Wallet and communication functions are all integrated.

P2P Lendings

By rating groups and individuals, one can receive discounts in insurance fees and qualify for small amount loans.

Asset management

For tokens gathered by MUJIN or insurance, we will provide functions to store and asset-manage in local currencies.

We will move forward in steps in accordance with funds raised.

Road map

Group Wallet

Development of bitcoin wallet and group wallet.

Mujin Community

Coin and community coordination function with which one can create groups with same hobbies etc will be developed.

P2P Insurance

Development of a platform with insurance function.

Our Messages

  • “Insurance and finance redefined, in a “smart” way. In our highly complex daily life, something simple will be appreciated.”

    — Takaho Hatanaka co-founder

  • “The world of Cryptocurrency will evolve with people’s needs, and will evolve to some-thing society can’t afford to do without.”

    — Hidenari Aizawa co-founder